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— Last updated on July 6, 2021

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This page records everything I’ve studied, learned or practiced.

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· Continued to teach myself the latest HTML and CSS techniques.

· Studied PHP & MySQL by building an e-commerce website from scratch (via Udemy) — online courses I used to learn basic PHP and MySQL.

· Studied Laravel CRUD web app — built a simple CRUD application with Laravel 5 (5.8) with MySQL database.

· Studied Laravel ReactJS CRUD with RestAPI (via Youtube) — built a laravel ReactJS CRUD with RestAPI tutorial.

· Studied Bootstrap-5 (via Youtube) — crash course for beginners to improve my bootstrap knowledge.

· Studied Laravel + Websocket (via Youtube) — built a simple web socket server inside the Laravel app.

· Used Laravel CRUD to build a web app of my personal website.


· Studied Introduction to Flutter Development — my first online course that I learned some of the concepts of Flutter.

· Studied Learn Visual Studio Code (via Udemy). Improving my skills on using VS Code.

· Studied Responsive Web Design (via freeCodeCamp) — free online courses I used to learn basic HTML, HTML5, basic CSS and Responsive Web Design.

· Studied HTML5 & CSS3 (via Udemy) — online courses I used to re-learn HTML5 and CSS3.